CD 1

Skrevet d. 17. juli 2015
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  • ROM drive spins four times faster than any CD drive
  • CD is read and analyzed multiple times until every bit is read faithfully
  • Audio bitstream comes from an immense memory buffer, not directly from the CD
  • User choice of an op-amp or discrete analog output stage
  • Three separate power supplies for analog and digital circuits
  • Ultra-quiet R-core power transformer for the linear analog power supply
  • Premium Connor-Winfield precision VCXO crystal clock for incredibly low jitter
  • 44.1 kHz CD data is up-sampled to 352.8 kHz by an 8x interpolator
  • Six layer DAC board for lower noise and point of use power delivery
  • High performance, jitter-resistant Analog Devices AD1853 DAC IC
  • Ultra-quiet National Semiconductor LME49990 audio op-amps
  • Proprietary software enables quieter running of the ROM drive
  • 0° or 180° absolute polarity selection by remote control
  • Choice of silent or audible fast forward or fast back
  • Unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs
  • Optical, Coax and BNC digital outputs
  • BNC & RCA digital outputs are isolated by transformer coupling
  • Massive aluminum partitions isolate each function
  • Neutrik XLR and gold-plated Vampire RCA jacks
  • Full function remote control